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Christine Remines

Pace of play has to be addressed. NUMBER ONE!!! With this size of tournament I don’t think World Am had the ability to enforce pace of play penalties. They would have to have their own rules staff out on each course. I don’t think World Am has the means to have volunteers to come out and act as spotters on holes with blind shots to help locate balls. Doubt they can send their own rangers without stepping on toes at courses. Do we need smaller flights with tighter handicap ranges? My flight had like 16.4 to 40 I think. I know higher handicap players learn from playing with better players. But is the time for this during a tournament? I know this slowed my flight down. I’m not setting the world on fire with my game but I try to be competitive witin my handicap and love tournament golf. Do we offer gross divisions broken out by handicap ranges like 18.2 to 21.4 for women like at tournaments I play? Maybe this could be a new tournament offering Scott? Gross broken out by handicap. No faking your game.
Shotgun allows everyone to play under the same weather conditions but does cause crowding on the range.

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