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Ed Guertin

I have read all the comments here and both sides have some very good points.
Myself, I will always stand firm on tee times as most all tournaments do.
I have played the shot gun side of it here at the World Am for years and that format is a not a good tournament format.
For years during the shotguns I have not been able to warm up as I refuse to wait in line for a bay. On the practice greens I put a tee in just to get a tee for speed and grain. I don’t want to say that the guys who bring a full bag of clubs to the range are ignorant but come on, it’s to warm up, not dial in every club in your bag! That is for other times, not warm ups.
But, we have those guys here who spent almost an hour doing it!
Pace of play is not the result of either format. More often than not it’s the result of an errant tee shot from someone who refuses to hit a provisional because “he can find it” and doesn’t even care about the 3 minute rule, that’s for the Pro’s.
My conclusion, you can’t satisfy everyone but a tee time format is a tournament format…

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