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William Zeoli

I understand there are different reasons to want either of these two scenarios, but as for myself, shotgun is the way to go. I happen to be one of those guys who is the “leader” of a group. In the past three years I’ve gotten 10 new players into the tournament. We are all of different ages and handicap levels. With shotgun, I could map out a spread sheet so that we could share cars with two or even three players going in the same direction. This year with 12 guys we had to rent 7 cars. 7 cars !!. In addition, our getting together after the rounds was virtually non existent. Some guys had 7:45 tee times up North nd others had 9:30 down south. Lok, I realize many of the guys are hell bent to win , good for them. We play all year, most of us several times a week. So you only got to hit 3 putts or two drives before tee time? . Jesus, how many of us get out of our cars at home, put on our shoes with the trunk open and go to the first tee with 3 minutes to spare. We actually had three guys move up in flights just because of the tee times and car rentals. We’ve discussed this at length and some of us are questioning playing next year.
For us, much of the fun disappeared.

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