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Ian MacLean

This was my 22nd year and over those years I have come to love the WA and Myrtle Beach so much I bought a condo at Legends. Over the years I have seen great improvements but also some set backs. For those who had to play Wedgefield Plantation (I had to play 3 out of 4 years) or Sea Gull it was not fun to fly 6000 miles to play those courses. With that in mind, I do understand those complaining about the “Cats”. I believe the WA should have standards (if you do please publish them) and say to those courses that do not meet them you cannot participate till you meet standards. They will either improve their course or suffer. I come to the WA for 13 days and play 19 rounds during my time there but the good quality courses are getting to be smaller in number. I know COVID has been the excuse I hear often but if that is true why are some courses there in great shape (if all have to deal with COVID)? In my opinion the superintendents or owners are spending the least amount of money to maintain the course and hope they keep getting play. Myrtle Beach has been and still is known for it’s golf courses but at this rate in ten years it will not be known for golf but just another over built area where developers bought failing courses to build condos. I implore Myrtle Beach golf superintendents take a stand to maintain your courses and you will keep golfers coming there for years to come but, ignore this warning and MB will just fade away (when it comes to golf). On a separate note, Scott, I know you all work very hard and I applaud all you do, please keep working to keep the WA improving. BTW, on the 19th hole, what happened to the golf vendors. It seems all the 19th hole is alcohol, finger food and a few golf booths. In years past you had club vendors, Dave Pelz, golf courses and other golf related booths. It use to be like a mini PGA golf show with food and drinks. Please bring some of those back! thanks,

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