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ALAN Caswell

I can see where there are valid points for both.

Tee times “in theory” should be more favorable as it allows every player in his/her flight to start on the same hole. Tee times also limits the number of players on the driving range “warming up” before the round. Although I have watched guys hit 3 buckets before playing. AMAZING!!! And yes, tee times make it easier to use the rest room before you tee off as there are fewer people.

Shotgun starts, on the other hand, give you a chance to mingle with everyone in your flight before and after the round. Shotgun starts make it much easier on those running the skins games, and if you haven’t ever run a skins game, then you have no comment. It is much more involved than you can imagine.
Also, shotgun starts allow for the top 16 or 20 players to play together the last day so you know where you stand every step of the way.

The tournament probably won’t make changes to the 4th round to allow that using tee times because it makes extra work for them. I also agree that “tee times make it feel like a real tournament.
The biggest reasons for slow play, I think, are…
1. players are not familiar enough with the rules of the game. Way too much time is spent looking for lost balls etc. Once you exceed the 3 minutes allowed for looking for a lost ball and you keep looking, there should be a penalty imposed.
2. The courses should be providing Marshalls at each course to police the pace of play. This should be mandatory. No exceptions.

Playing at your home course with your friends is much different for most than playing true tournament golf with rules. This is a great tournament. I have enjoyed it for 20 years. Pace of play , not tee times or shotgun starts is, and most likely will always be the main topic of discussion. See you next year!!!

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