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Hi Mark – At 100 players you’d have 7 “B” groups on the entire course or 3.5 per 9 holes. Last time we had shotguns was 2019 we averaged just 94 players per course.

Shotgun starts won’t please everyone but it is best for the tournament moving forward. Logistics of friends traveling together, uniform playing conditions, scores arrive at HQ earlier as a whole (and though we don’t have an interest in the skins operator, we know many do).

Pace we don’t believe will be affected dramatically in either direction. I would argue it’s better to avoid the heat starting at 8:30 rather than a good amount of people finishing at 3:30 or later. In a shotgun, everyone is at the same pace as opposed to tee times where an earlier group will likely finish quicker than the last group. Uniformity is best for fairness at the end of the day.

Lots to consider and we did not take a major decision like this lightly. Hope this helps.

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