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greg messer

Last year with tee times in the 9HAndicap mid Sr group we had several people in the middle of the tee times complain of 6+ hour rounds. One slow group can slow down half or the whole course. I played in 4 1/2 to almost five 1/2 hours. I teed off first twice, 2 hours or less on front almost 3 or more on back. Better policing by rangers on slow groups is the only solution with penalty to slow player. Easy to spot them, they stand around till it’s their turn them measure or select club. C’mon, we know how to combat slow play, just do it already. Do shotguns, best option, and enforce pace of play…period. All the other comments on benefits of shotguns are applicable too. Weather, car pooling, getting half the day back. But, if you don’t enforce pace of play, it’s a horrible experience.

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