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greg messer

Shotgun. Best option for realities of 3500 players. It’s a golf course, you know what hole you’re starting on, warm up for that hole! Carpooling, even with guys in same flight, is huge pain with tee times; weather, who wants that last tee time and 99 heat and humidity…had a couple older guys nearly collapse on course last year. Pace of play, if a club won’t enforce it with penalty to offending player after 1 warning, ban the the club the next year. Double the penalty to guilty player after 2nd penalty. My state golf association enforces it, every tournament is 4 1/2 hours…period. If you’re concerned about covid, wear a mask and don’t congregate..easy enough. Mr. Newman, it is an outing with competition, unless the host courses are going to put forward rangers on problem holes and and least 4 pace of play rangers on the course and enforce pace of play. You want a pure tournament experience, play in State or USGA sanctioned tournaments, even orgs like Golfweek leagues can’t create a pure tournament experience, and they are tighter run than the WAHT!

Range, only allow a 25 ball bag. Warm up don’t try to fix your game before a round. Practice green, same thing, get a feel for speed and get off of it. you’re mentally killing yourself other wise.

I enjoy the WAHT experience, Tee times just make it unfair to whoever gets the last half of front or back nine.

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