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William Zeoli

After several years of attendance, my group of 10-12 has decided not to play this year. There are two main reasons, one of which is the tee time aspect instead of 9aam starts. With 9 am starts we could assign three guys to a car , all going in approx the same direction. With tee times all over the place, we had to rent 5 cars last year to ensure we would all make tee times and not have someone sitting at a course for two hours waiting for their tee time or waiting two hours after the round for their ride to pick them up.
The days last year were 8-9 hours, door to door. Add to that the cost of car rentals at MB Airport. Speaking of airports, we only have one option form Boston to MB non stop and that is Spirit. Yuk ! And even that “cheap” air line is close to $500 RT this year considering baggage and clubs We have been flying to Charleston on Jet Blue, non stop, but that flight is now almost double what it was.

Sorry, we loved it but just cannot justify everything and tee times are a part of everything.

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