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Bob Newman

Mr. Messer you have one thing correct, it has turned into an “outing “ but that is not what it is advertised as. I will not take the time to explain what has happened since 2005 when I first started playing. But what I have expressed in previous posts. The main reason is not the WA STAFF fault. I don’t think they get the support needed from the Host Clubs. It has been years since I have seen a pro on the golf course. One ranger used to ride the course and when he saw a gap, he informed the group and about 3 holes later you would see the Pro. But I regress. Since I have seen how it has become an outing and played with several that are not interested in it being a tournament, I have decided I am not playing this event any more. I’m going to spend my money on playing better course at different venues. The last 3 years I have only played 2 decent course each year. Once again the WA STAFF was led to believe that their course was in playable condition and it was not. The staff can not inspect each course, they have to rely on the courses to be truthful.
I understand that this may be turning around as I read that some of the northern courses were not participating this year. I hope the Wa has gotten a hand on this now and return to the old days. JMO

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