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Ken Delaney

Well said Scott. My thoughts are almost identical. I have been playing in this event since 2005 and I too feel the same sentiments. A week in MB is always a blast, etc but with the increase in price to where it’s at now, it’s really getting to the point of what you mentioned (not enough bang for your buck).

I love the competition, love seeing all the friends I have made over the years but I think they have driven this to the breaking point of “decision time”. Is it worth it, or do I set myself up with a different type of golf vacation for a little less?

I still give credit to the staff for their efforts, as I am sure it’s not easy to put an event of this size together. Personally, I have cherished all the memories I have made for 17 years, but after this year, it may be time to try something else (as I expect another $ increase for 2023).

I am signed up for 2022 being that I benefited from 3 newbie friends coming in 2021. So let’s see how this year goes and take it from there.

Cheers everyone!!

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