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Mike Cheeseman

Scott, well said. This is going to be my last year. I usually come down with one other person but this year I have two buddies who really want to come. They are going to play in the just for fun flight. I have been raving about the WA to them for year and they finally decided to go this year. Being Canadian it is a significant cost. $599US is about $770 Canadian. Plus all the other expenses, condo rental, rental cars airfare food gas ect…. It really adds up. It is easy $1500 – $2000 for each of us in Canadian funds. We can one hell of a golf vacation in Canada with A1 courses for half of what we spend for a week. My wife and I go to Scotland every July for 2 weeks for about $3000 total. I will miss it and the good guys I meet over the years.

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