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Bruce Friend

I just got done planting my vegetable garden and have nothing else to do while resting so I will bore others and post my worthless comments.

Personally I’m bummed karaoke night is done as it was my favorite night of entertainment. I don’t like the early bird increase in price but I do trust WAM staff in their ability to manage this tournament in terms of cost while understanding the increase is in line or below what I see other tournaments and golf packages have increased to. So personally, I’m satisfied viewing it from a comparison and macro level without knowing WAM proforma financials. If you don’t want to enjoy the best week of golf with everything taken care of for you once you arrive, don’t sign up but you are missing out. If you can’t afford it, don’t consider it. I will bet $100 registrations will be below 3300 if Scott T wants some action. Haha.

This tournament is massive and the staff has done a great job in the 6 years I’ve been attending in an overall perspective. I will have 2-4 newbies with me this year. They all understand with 100 golfers on the course pace of play won’t be ideal and there is a possibility of 1 course in their rotation conditions will be poor. It sucks and it is the one place I think can be improved with a small change. Take the big cat courses out of the rotation until they PROVE they can maintain a decent experience.

Looking forward to arriving and getting my goody bag regardless what is in it. I don’t need anything but always enjoy getting it.

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