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Glenn Foster

Tom, I agree with you. This issue is as old as this tournament. In 1995 I never had a sub-5 1/2 hr round. This is on the list of complaints that show up always. Between the chairs flipped up to ” save a seat for people” that are gone for an hr while people hit a shin on the chair legs all night at tables!
With tee times it is better, much better. Pace of play didn’t have so many groups at tee boxes, but still will happen at the intervals being so close between them, to get us on and off the course asap. Tournament rounds will always be longer because of the stress of mistakes & rules/rulings.
The facilities at course aren’t meant for volume in the am, with exception of the multi course facilities, and some people want to hit 3 bags of balls for a warm-up. Clubhouse/Grills would be less crowded, have better service. So without tee times, 100+ people trying to “hit some” are in line at each station waiting in 80 deg heat/ 75% humidity, fighting bugs watching others struggle to ” find something”…,( but in all honesty, golf is a fairly selfish sport.)
Keep the tee times, stop the skins stuff being hawked everyday and catch up at the C.Center with folks.

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