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Chad Wilson

Reading through some of these redundant posts has me laughing. Two serious questions for yall who are course condition lobbyists…

If Caledonia has 6-7 greens in tough condition would yall actually want the World Am to drop the course from rotations? It is still hands down a top 5 golf course in the area regardless of some bumpy putting. The whole flight plays the same greens, so what would it actually matter?

The World Am is massive, gigantic big. I don’t think everyone on this bulletin board actually considers what goes into hosting 3,500 golfers in a single day. Sure, some of the courses in the mix are well below par, but they simply couldn’t host that many people without those courses in the mix.

Like the great George Washington once said, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. Yall try to have fun out there, life is short enjoy it!

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