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Maci Wilson

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to play tournament golf on courses that meet a certain playing standard. Why should one flight be sent off on a dirt track while others play on courses with ideal conditions? The world Am registration fee is expensive and it’s gone up every year I’ve played. 4 players from my Florida group have declined to play this year after playing the previous 2 years. The reasons are the slow play 5 1/2 hour rounds and some have complained about courses with poor conditions. Add in the rising cost’s and you can understand where these individuals are coming from. While I’ve been fortunate to only have played on one course with what I thought was less than ideal conditions, I believe for the amount of money we pay to play this event, the tournament committee owes it to “we” the players to at least know which courses are in poor condition and take the appropriate steps to correct this issue.

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