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Rick Kimbrell

David Baker…well said. After my first year here, 1988, I started telling others about the WA. They have come and they have told others. I think all in all, maybe 35+ people are coming this year as a result of my telling them or others about the WA. It is great for those guys/gals to come. But, along the way, I have met people I only get to see here every year and I look forward to seeing them. Most of us don’t even play in the same age bracket or flights but we still look for each other in the Convention Center every year. I have met many of the past and current WA staff and they are great people in an almost thankless job. Yes, some of the course conditions are truly beyond terrible. But you nailed it…the true value is the friendships. Take care and see you in August most probably at the CC.

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