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Bob Newman

David, I agree with all you said. I am going to attempt to put my perspective on all this and I am not trying to offend anyone. I think the WA staff does a tremendous job on putting together the event.
I also think that the staff has a higher up corporation that they fall under (i am not using a name b/c I will probably get it wrong).
When the WA first started it was set up for this week to promote this “in between week” as it was not a good week for golf, due to where it falls. At this time, the golf courses were pretty much on their own, The WA did a tremendous job of putting golfers on the courses when Dupont sponsored it.
as it grew, so did the number of co-ops that started buying up the golf courses (or management groups).
This Week has now become a BIG WEEK for most of these courses.—Which leads to the fact that many courses have become lazy in how they go about treating us ie: putting us on courses that are not playable, not bothering to check on pace of play, not having them properly marked, etc. A lot of courses are needed for 3000+ golfers. if a group has 20+/- courses and 3 or 4 are not up to par, then to get the good ones, you have to take the bad ones. This is what I believe is happening. I honestly do not know how this can be solved. Of the 3000 that play, some players do not really care about the course conditions in my opinion, just as long as they are at the beach and playing. I have played a lot of courses that I will not set foot on if I am paying them. I have enjoyed playing in this event but i doubt I will participate this year. I just can not take playing on poor golf courses for what this cost now. All of tis is just my take on it.

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