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Bruce Friend

No doubt in my mind you will have a great week, Billy. Here are the facts as I understand them.

90% of the courses will be in very good shape with a couple having some rough spots. I’m only concerned with 3 potentially being in bad shape and hopefully they get the conditions to be acceptable. The rounds will take 5 hours at a minimum to play. As one gets older, the ability to accept rounds that aren’t 4 hours in perfect conditions like their home courses while prices go up year after year is hard to swallow upon first reactions. But these are the same issues discussed every year. As a newbie, you are more willing to accept it. I’m not a newbie but I also am willing to accept it finding this is my favorite week of the year.

Stay excited, play well getting your game in shape, be a good playing companion, don’t worry about things out of one control and enjoy the moment are the secrets to a happy golf life.

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