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David Baker

Bob, I think a lot of what you say, in part, is true. This tournament is really held to promote Myrtle Beach, economically, that is obvious, as the WA has a business relationship with the courses. This is a down week, but because of the WA it has brought people to MB, and that translates to dollars. I don’t know for certain, but I believe that the WA has to support courses, good or bad, for business. This is a business for the WA and MB and as such needs to insure that the courses are covered. Is this still a good value? I believe that it is primarily due to the people that play in it and the WA staff that works to make this happen. I have had disagreements with them, but for the most part they are really trying to make this a fun week, and to that point, I agree. Cost, what is not going up? Eventually that may become an issue and drive people away. I guess my 2 cents worth is that I come because of my friends that I have met over the years and look forward to seeing them at the WA. If not for the WA I would not have met some of the greatest people in the world. So THANK YOU WA.

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