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David Baker

Mike, some of what you have put forward is correct. The cost is going up and in some case will drive people to other venues, fact of life. The WA is more than about cost of golf courses. The excitement of winning or tying your flight. I think that most people want to come for the people that they have met and made friends with. I know for me that is true. Heck, I won’t win my flight, maybe a skin, so there is still excitement. Like many I wish the WA would reevaluate and do a better job with the courses. But, has many have said, this is a business decision that has the potential of driving people away as there is competition out there, and until it hurts that will never change. Yes I enjoy the WA but I also enjoy MB. I just don’t eat out as much, cook in a day or two. But we have to make our own fun, not let someone try to spoil it. I hope you get really good courses.

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