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Glenn Foster

You Know, I don’t have a problem with the max 9 rule really. I don’t establish a handicap that way and I think that’s a little on the unfair side in handicap submissions, but rarely do I take that number nowadays. (I had a 12 on The Hummingbird Course my 1st year, 1st hole in 1995, and I think that was my highest ever? Had my shares of 10’s earlier on when a 15+ handicapper)
I think it should just be a +3 on a hole then move on though. A par 3 can be a killer if people can’t carry all water to greens that are surrounded by water and over is also penal, if they overclub to carry?
Just think if the maximum handicap in the tournament is 36 in this ( and it could be less) this triple bogey option instead of 9, could be viable as an alternative.
I’m like all us “double digit handicappers”, I can par 4-5 holes on a side, then throw in a big number of +3 or +4, a +2 here or there and then I’m back to bogey golfer. Maybe if we looked at per hole over par instead of hard 9 always, it could REALLY make the rounds faster. People want to “make my 9” instead of giving/taking the 9 and sitting down. Just a thought.

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