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Glenn Foster

Tee Times: YES!! I loved them.
They’re never coming back without another catastrophic catalyst. I loved not having to be at a course 1 1/2 hrs. before teeing off just to get 15 min on the range to really get a feel for the day, everybody waiting around the clubhouse to get a drink, milling around the carts, hearing ‘Skins here” every 6.2 minutes…you know the drill.
I don’t think the tee times were meant as a way to speed up rounds, only to separate the crowds each day.
I know it was harder for ride sharing, meeting at the Convention Center at the same relative time with friends…but that wasn’t impossible and I had the latest tee time 2x and was still off the course by 2:15-ish. No faster or slower, just had a 3 some both days following hoards of 4 somes so a lot of wait time regardless.
Love the Tee Times; did I mention that? (lol) 🙂

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