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Bruce Friend

Everyone has a different perspective on the question of expectations. Here is mine.

It is a fabulous week but I view it more as my vacation filled with golf than I do a golf tournament. The rounds are slow regardless if it is a shotgun or tee times so don’t believe those that say tee times the rounds will be quicker. Unless you tee off first and everyone plays quick, rounds will be in excess of 5 hours. Last year with tee times, all my rounds were 5 1/2 and I had friends over 6. I have never had an over 6 with shotgun starts. I enjoy the 19th hole and Monday is the busiest night with the longest lines for food. There will be lines at the liquor bars as well. I drink beer and those lines are much shorter. The food is small tastings on small plates and it is what it is. If you eat many plates, you will be filled up and mostly enjoy the diversity of 16 different food stations plus delicious ice cream. It isn’t a sit down meal. The week will go fast and you will be exhausted. At the end of the week, you may question if it is worth it but after a week being home, the answer will be heck yes and you are looking forward to the next one in 12 months. All in all, the staff does a great job in the organization of the week and most complaints I hear is long rounds and condition of some of the courses which is nothing much the WAM staff can do. Those issues are the responsibility of individual courses in my view.

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