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Tom McCain

Jim and Billy,
I’ve been playing every year except one since 2005. Always have a great time and it goes by way too fast. Meet and get contact info from your playing partners, they’ll be ones you can connect with through out the year and every year after. I met a good friend thru this event, and when he moved to MB, stayed at his house for 10 years, including 2 Thanksgiving trips. (Sadly, he passed from an auto accident last year). I’ve also stayed with a friend thru this event in the northern SC area and played golf with him and another friend from NY I met at the WA. Have an extra $20 bucks to play the fabulous Ewa Matawa in a game of 9 ball at the 19th Hole. Shes a sweetheart. Bring plenty of golf balls, the water here is plentiful (lost 12 one round), and just have fun. Skin money too, nothing more exciting than to take a couple hundred bucks in the clubhouse for one great hole. Hope you draw some fun guys that will follow the rules but not be too prickly about things. Life is about relationships, it’s what sustains us through hard times and gives us joy through the good times. And remember, that 6 inch gimme still has to be tapped in!! Don’t pick it up, seen that happen!
Ian, we’ve met before right? You’re from Hawaii?

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