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Jim Runser

A lot of great information here. Tough to express how much I appreciate it. Almost think this thread should be a sticky so it’s available for future first timers.

My takeaways from the advice so far:
Pace of play: Enjoy the ride. Don’t stress it. Control what I can and let the rest go. Not my favorite but it’s not unusual for my weekly 9-hole league to play 2.5-3 hours. Sad but guess I’m ready for pace of play.
Bottom line: Any round I play, my primary competition is myself. If I’m hitting decent shots, it’s good. Focus on that. There will be bad shots, holes, sides, etc. Enjoy the company, maybe some music and a few beverages of one sort or another.

Beverages: I’m a beer guy, too, Bruce. I’ll take advantage of the relatively shorter lines.

Food: Understood. Maybe I’ll get enough at the 19th hole, maybe I’ll find a good steak, wings, or tacos after priming the pump.

Competition: Plan on some great people and a couple buttheads. Sounds like my weekly golf league. Enjoy the fun ones, and don’t stress the others. It’s golf. We gotta have rules and play within them. Know the rules and play to them.

Weather: Gotta replace my rain hood. I always have rain gear and gloves in the bag for the summer anyway.

Fingers crossed that work doesn’t hose things up like it did in 2021.

Thank you, gentlemen. Looking forward to about 7.5 weeks! Hope I get the chance to meet most or all of you, and buy (fetch) you one at the 19th hole!

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