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Glenn Foster

Rick, In your opinion they made the “right” decision.
I personally hate the committee feels the need to keep it shotgun, but it really doesn’t matter enough for me after all these years, I’ve set aside this week in my life to compete regardless how they change or not.
I know they want all golfers in by?? Time to get scores in and recorded with less stress, get WA golfers off the course so the courses can sell late afternoon tee times also. If they want 100 golfers vying for range space, then they should have the facility for that, or tee times to manage the flow.
Way to much for most clubhouses to have 100+,( 50 per flight and 2 flights a course), golfers getting stuff, lines at rest rooms… before they head out, and 60-70 golfers coming in for food & refreshments afterwards at some facilities.
All points for tee times being more clubhouse/Driving range friendly. The same amount of time on the course regardless of the starting procedures and, God forbid, golfers don’t play the skins games each day?

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