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Chandler Wells

My $.02…I will be again be attending (my 5th consecutive) and I use this week as a total disconnect from everyday life. While my game doesn’t always co-operate score wise, I spend 4 rounds of beating it around. I am a believer in the “We all play the same course” thing, and those guys that spend the day whining about conditions probably have a bit more experience down there in those conditions, and still beat me every year! My not so great course last year, I played my best golf of the week, because I just didn’t let it bother me!
In my previous 4 years, it seems I have gotten 1 or 2 really nice manicured course, 1 pretty nice and 1 that leaves you wondering…I think course conditions fall on the individual course. If they know for 365 days that this is a HUGE week for them with 80-90 guaranteed players a day for 4 days at $35-$40 per round (prior to regular afternoon play) they should be prepped and spend some time getting these places playable! If not, the WA committee should penalize or threaten these courses to pull them from rotation. Even if they have to move the course selection radius out farther, we have traveled far in previous years.
In closing, I have met some really cool fellas and gotten to be a part of some fun and entertaining moments on the course or after the rounds. I will continue to come back and plan to enjoy myself yet again…Whether my game feels the same or not, we will see!

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