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Rick Kimbrell

Probably most memorable experience relates to a player many knew as “money bags”. He no longer plays in the WA. He owned a SOB business in Charlotte. I was paired with him several times thru the years but the last time was one for the books. We are playing Diamond Back and we started on hole #2. On hole 5 or 6 the cart girl comes by and he gets 3 miniature bottles of Crown Royal and gives the cart girl a $50 tip and says “don’t stay too far away from us”. She returns several more times.
We get to hole 17 and he walks over to the woods to relieve himself. When he returns, his zipper is down, his shirt tail is pulled out of his shorts thru the zipper and he has peed all over himself. Now, he tees up his ball swings and hits the ball into the cart front passenger pocket…with a player sitting in the cart.
When we finish playing 18 and are headed to #1, he tells me to take him to his car where his hired driver has been sitting all day waiting on him to finish. He unloads and WDs from the tournament.
I turn the cart in and count his empties. There were 14 empty miniature bottles in the cart.
I have several other stories about this same guy but this one is the one that comes to mind every year when I search for him in the player list just to see if he was coming back. Actually, he was, or could be, a really good player.

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