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Glenn Foster

Billy, welcome the tourney!! You really don’t want to walk down here, the heat indexes have been 100-110 almost all Summer and even IF they would let you, you may start on 14, could be a the furthest from the clubhouse, 1 mile away… and have to start with that hike and end with that hike after #13 on top of the distances between greens to tees. This heat index is no joke this year for sure!
I’ve seen you’re asking for tips;
1.)Do Not Forget Raingear!!! We’ve been lucky last couple of yrs. to not get much rain during the week.
2.)FootJoy rain gloves; just in case. Buy them before you get here because if it’s rainy the week before, they disappear from all the stores when players get in their practice rnds.
3.) When in doubt, club up due to the sea level. One more club, when in doubt, will usually be a better result.
4.)Don’t be afraid to hit a provisional ball, but announce that’s your intentions to your partners.
5.) Listen to the rules/ speech in the mornings, local rules can be your friend. Know the quirks.
May The Force Be With You Sir. You will ALWAYS remember this tournament, good or bad results.
I hope you get a great draw, a good set of guys to play with every day and have fun, no matter how mad you get.

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