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I played my final round at Lion’s Paw last year too and we all knew when we walked on the putting green that it was going to be a disaster. The course was a wreck. There were dead tree limbs, not branches, in the fairway. Windows were busted out of houses. The guard shack was boarded up like something you’d see in the middle of Detroit. The greens were burnt to dirt in a lot of places. There was dirt in the fairways where grass should normally be. The ponds look like something from Creepshow 2. My threesome that day just took it in and laughed our way through 18 holes. The consensus is that these courses have been this way for years now so why put them in the rotation? If they are that bad, and I posted pictures last year of what we played on, you can’t keep a straight face putting these courses in the mix and assigning paying players to these goat tracks. The price went up $100 this year and that’s fine but make responsible decisions for courses. We won’t play these courses at home if their conditions are this way so don’t stick us with them on a retreat of 4 days of fun and comradery, especially when people have complained repeatedly and we don’t get to cancel our tee time because of course conditions.

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