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One of my fondest memories was back in 2012 the 1st time I had ever made it to the finals. Our Thursday round was at Diamondback and I was tied 1st with a guy called Paul.W who had mentioned if we end up tied at the end of the day we would both advance to the finals. Giving it no thought I just tried to play my own game And you really don’t know what the rest of the field is doing behind you Well on hole 17 we were still tied and I missed a short putt he then did he same thing in what I thought was deliberate so we would stay even.
This kind of upset me because I didn’t want to win that way. We then came to the 18th hole and I ripped the drive down the middle but Paul pull hooks into the Bush. This made me feel pretty bad as he had to chip it backwards about 30 yd into play and play his 3rd sttoke 60 yd behind my drive. Now I’m feeling really Bad His 3rd shot was incredible it landed 1″ from the hole for a tapping par. Damn LOL. I’m thinking now I have to hit the green and 2 putt just to tie him. Fortunatly I did and as a result both of us went through to the finals. Now this is the best part when we got to the finals which was being played at TPC we were paired with Roger Clemens (The Rocket) had a fantastic day and he was such a super super nice guy signed a flag and a shirt and a hat and a golf card it will be a day that I will remember

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