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Chandler Wells

My $.02… A great friend of mine moved down there 6-7 years ago and now I stay with him while down there. Year 5 for me, always play crappy but look forward every year to the week in Myrtle. Make a bunch a memories with a 1 or 2 great shots and enjoy meeting different people from all walks of life, and from all over the World! I take the course conditions for what they are as my entire flight plays those same conditions, and truthfully we get at least 2 if not 3 solid tracks anyway. We always make 1 trip to the CC, but NEVER MONDAY!!! Food is above average and the drink selections being free adds all the value.

For the new guys, just relax for the week, try to play some competitive golf, make a friend and enjoy not being at work! You will want to come back…and for $600, I feel it’s a great bargain!

P.S…This tourney is going anywhere, and the WA Team does a great job with so many players and venues!

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