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Ken Delaney

I really think shotgun is best (IMHO) for reasons that exceed tee time justification. Carpooling is a big one and everyone getting done about the same time.

Last year we had to be there 2 hours before one guy in our group teed off because another golfer in our group was first off the tee (7:45 & 9:20). And to boot, one day was at Carolina National. Sure, if you’re playing/riding alone and you tee off at 7:45, then you could potentially be done by 12-12:30. This is great for you..

I was also glad to see 8:30 instead of 8am. The 30 mins will help indeed. And in case you haven’t noticed the furthest drives to a course from central MB are about 45 mins. Not exactly close, but better than 60 mins or more. Heck, one year I had to go to Wedgefield in Georgetown. Almost 70 mins from River Oaks where I was staying.

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