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Honestly the main reason I liked Tee times was due to being able to actually have time on the range + chipping/putting greens.

My 1st year prior to Covid was Shotgun.
The atmosphere was high energy. Everyday it was very difficult to get a spot. Seeing some people on the range before I even arrived and still on the range after. With no consideration to others with a line of people waiting for an open spot. Putting/Chipping green + Refreshment shop was packed.

My 2nd year and since was Tee Time’s.
It was night and day. With an entire atmosphere change. Over all less stressful, Always a spot on the range, putting /chipping greens with space to actually putt , and a busy but not packed refreshment shop.

I personally get to the course an hour early. Hit about 20-25 balls (MAX) on the range and spend about 10-15 minute putting /chipping to warm up.

As any seasoned golfs knows…What happens on the range does always equal what happens on the course.

So hitting 30-40 balls on the range to warm up is a bit excessive and with shotguns start will not allow everyone the opportunity to warm up.

Just by quick soap box speech

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