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Jesse Schmidt

For letting friends follow along from their office cubicles back home, I use the Golf Pad app. It provides a satellite picture of the hole and you can set it up such that you tag each shot so they can see exactly how you played the hole. However, during a round I have other stuff on my mind, like wondering if I will see the beer cart before my cooler runs out so I just enter my score for the hole along with FIR, GIR and # of putts. It is good enough. It provides a link to your round that you can share out and updates in real time as you enter your scores. People seem to enjoy it and depending on your friends and how your round is going you may get some pep talk texts or some harassing messages to lighten the mood after a bad hole.

Also, Golf Pad is a pretty decent GPS so it can be helpful during your round, especially on unfamiliar courses. This is my 5th year, so far I haven’t had a repeat course yet.

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