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Raymond Abernathy

I will probably be in your flight this year. I have one favor to ask, each day please notify everyone in the game of the days results before paying out, ie what hole held up and with what score.
The flight I was in last year the guy running it just said he would call you if you had a skin. So after round 1, no call so I figure no skin for me. The next morning well before the 1st tee time I ask the guy what held up, he says there were 3 skins and the hole #’s, then adds there would have been a 4th skin but the only birdie on that hole didn’t get in the game. I start to walk away, then look at my phone with the scorecard picture I sent him after the round. I make a u-turn to go find him and collect for my 2 skins. He says I wasn’t in the game. He had my name on his list of skins players and a copy of my scorecard showing the birdies. I showed him my photo and say I am here to collect, and he responds “I already paid out and can’t get the money back.” By the way, the 4th potential skin, I had birdied that hole also. He then said it wouldn’t have mattered because there was another birdie on that hole. After he had already said there was only one birdie on the hole.
On the last day, several people from both flights as we were waiting in line at the convention center looked through the World Am page and looked at all scores for both flights, hole by hole for the last day. Don’t know who all was in the skins game, but there were 2 holes with only 1 birdie each. Guess what, neither of them got paid and both were in the skins game.
I would say 99% of players volunteering their time running the skins games in their flights do an outstanding job. That 1% however…….

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