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Chandler Wells

Hey Ray…I believe you and I’m sorry that happened and we have a friend that had a similar thing happen to him in Flight 18 last year. I stay with a friend of mine down there and he and I have run skins games together in PA since ’08, he now runs in his local Myrtle groups. He is my trusted 2nd eye! We did have a small hiccup last year, but it worked itself out…We had a guy submit his card backward 9’s and he was paid a skin at the end of the day (3) total @ $450ea. There was another guy that asked me the next day why he didn’t get paid on what showed as the only birdie on the CORRECT hole. Once we verified the scoring on the app, those 2 would’ve “CHOPPED” and the other 2 skins should have been paid 1/2 more, $675ea. I reached out directly to the guy via text and gave him the chance to make it right, needless to say he didn’t and kept the wrongly paid skin $$$.
I keep a sheet with all players listed and record EVERY birdie. Last 2 years were long days because I teed off 1st twice and waited until all players finished to pay. If they had to leave I had envelopes for them 1st thing next day.
I plan to run the skins and will post again once flights are released, I’m not a tyrant about it, but have done it 3 years now and haven’t had any issues…Maybe we’ll see each other there! Cheers!!!

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