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I can vouch that overly exceptional rounds do happen.

In May this year I went on vacation to Florida (Stream Song Resort) Shot an 84 on the Red course then 2 days later dropped a 76 on the blue course Rating (69.50.127). First ever round in the 70’s my previous best round was a 82 way back in 2018. Since then I would go back and forth from 86-95 respectfully.

The Blue Course Round was playing with my wife, a random couple w/Forecaddie, Went into the round telling myself to have fun, that I am on vacation, and there is no reason to so don’t care about my shots/score.

SO…Played almost the entire round on 100% Autopilot, until of course the 16th hole when the forecaddie ask me my handicap and then he went on to inform me that I birdied 4 of the 5 holes.

Then realizing what I had done proceeded to finished the the last 3 holes at a +4 (16th +2 – 17th +2 18th Par) for a back 9 (36). I just wonder what would have happened if the forecaddie would had not said anything.

I only remember 4 shots and they were the bad ones. My average penalties are (4) per round so that was about normal.

Since my low round of 76 I have shot the flowing 83,82,98,95,89,93,92,88.

So I will be coming in to this years World AM with a 12.4 Low-HC hoping to embrace my inner autopilot and turn OFF the Care.

See what happens I guess…

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