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Well said Tony I work at a golf club 4 days a week and our course at the moment is below standard but still quite playable. You get these golfers who shop around for coupons and bargain basement prices then when at your course theybexpect to be playing a pristine Country Club. They then are the 1st ones to complain about it and bad mouth on message boards. lol. I mean every time I go to work At the club we all get together and say to ourselves how can we screw the golfers today let’s not water the fairways or mow the the greens. are you kidding me. we work our asses off to my make the course playable and we are limited by budget, staffing levels and mother nature plus our members do not pay the $12000 a year that other country clubs pay. My suggestion is if you don’t have anything nice to say STFU

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