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Bruce Friend

I’m sorry to say it is a real thing. I’m always early to the courses and have been told a few times I didn’t put the bag on the right side. And I know and have witnessed others discussing “proper” seating arrangements in the carts before the round. I will say if the course have individuals unloading trunks and putting the bags on the carts, they will typically follow the protocol of first name is the driver and second name is the passenger.

I just try and go with the flow with anything and everything including who drives the carts, how the scorecards are exchanged, whether to remove the flag or not on the greens. Only thing I try to encourage is Ready-Play golf in order to keep the foursome moving and keeping up with the foursome ahead. But even there, some people insist on only hit when it is their turn. Stupid. You are playing the course and the field, it isn’t match play. Do your part to not waste time and slow down the foursome.

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