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This is my concern as well. It is extremely easy for your handicap to go down with a solid round but a few bad rounds seem to go unnoticed and accounted for. I’ve played some really good rounds but also thrown in some mid to high 80s rounds as well. None accounted for or used. Why have them if they’re not used. I went in with a 3.9 last year and played in the top flight. My game was slipping then and on GHIN it was actually around 6.5 but they used my last registered for the World Am and the last registered index was 2019. This year I’m going in with a 5.4 and I still think that’s too low. Last year, in my first year there with no idea what was needed mentally, I missed 3 fairways in the first 2 days and shot 80 and 84. I couldn’t hit a shot inside 100 yards and then my mind melted down. I’m hoping for better results this year. I’m excited either way because last year was an absolute blast for the entire week. I keep updating hoping the course assignments are ready! Such an exciting 5 minutes. Good luck to everyone this year.

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