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Chandler Wells

My 5th year this year, and I have wrestled with the handicap system for the last 10-12 years since my game has become relevant…Yes, when I play my home course I shoot anywhere from 71-84 and I play there 75% of my yearly rounds. The other 25% of my rounds are a variety of courses and I shoot 80-90. I always play the 1st tee boxes above 6,000 yards and always count them all. My current index is 7.1, and my WA low index is 6.6 from a couple of low rounds earlier this June…In my previous 4 years at the WA, my index is recorded as a 12+. I have always been curious why the WA committee doesn’t recognize the difference from a 6.6 in altitude of Pennsylvania 7 months a year (We can’t enter any scores late fall-early spring) to playing 4 rounds in 100% different conditions in Myrtle, sea level, heat, Bermuda rough, to name a few.

This is not a bitch. As long as they keep the value and cost reasonable I will continue to come and play because I enjoy the people and the getaway more than anything. I have never been competitive in my flight because the conditions to me are so much different. Don’t think I don’t try either, but after shooting 85 Monday, I’m playing for skins! LOL

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