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Dale Craig

My first time playing in the WA was in 2016. I flew into Charleston and picked up my rental (they didn’t have the car I reserved so they upgraded me to a Camaro, which didn’t suck). Anyway, on Friday the hurricane hit and I woke up to news my flight was canceled and I would not get out til Saturday late. So I called the rental car company and asked if I could drive the Camaro home. They were great and said I would not be charged extra due to the hurricane emergency. So I immediately ht the road at 7:00 AM and I plugged in my home address in Syracuse NY and headed home in torrential rain. I was making good time once I cleared the coast and My Garmin GPS said I’d be home just after 7:00 PM. Unfortunately I did not have a car charger for my phone and after about 6 hours my phone was almost dead, but I had the GPS working. But as luck would have it it was sending me straight thru DC traffic on Friday before Labor Day. That little traffic routing added over 4 hours to the trip and I pulled into my driveway at 11:30 PM.
So this will be my first time driving to the WA but I will be skirting Washington and even though it is longer I fully expect it to be quicker. The only way I would go the shorter route is if I were going thru late evening or early morning.

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