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Ken Delaney

Hello all,
I have run the skins games in my flight several times in the past. Most of you should know me if you’re around the same hcp as in the past. I am offering to run the game this year for Flights 3 & 4 if no one objects. The breakdown will be as follows:
Monday – $20
Tuesday $20
Wednesday – $20
Thursday – $40
Or you can pay for the entire week on Monday and fah get about it ($100). Cash only please!!!

Rules are same as in the past. Gross birdies or better scores only (no net). You MUST report your score THAT DAY. I will NOT accept any birdies, etc the next day. I will pay out the day of unless you have to leave and in that case, I will gladly pay you the next morning. Here is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE:

I will NOT, repeat, NOT accept a course card to prove your score. I will only accept your WORLD AM card or a picture of it. It must have 2 signatures also. NO ACCEPTIONS!!! If you get done golfing before me and can’t wait, you can text me a pic or you can kindly wait around in the lounge until I finish my round.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at teeitup914@gmail.com or text me at 302-463-5241.

Cheers everyone!!

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