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Dale Craig

I can run skins for flights 26 & 27 unless someone else want to.
Buy in will be the typical 20/20/20/40. Combined flights, 2 tie all tie. Birdies or better.

I am going to accept buy in on Monday morning ONLY! It really became too distracting as a player to have to keep track of guys who want to pay daily and takes away time I need to warm up and practice – SORRY, but I learned this lesson the hard way the last 2 years I ran skins. So, please have cash only on Monday AM. I will be at the course by 7:00-7:15.

I also don’t think a pull names out of a hat is a fair way to split the pot on Thursday if there are all ties. So, I will award Thursday skins to the birdies on the #1 handicap hole.

I will also accept photos of your signed “official” card if you are unable to stick around. If this is the way I receive your scorecard, just make sure I can see your name in the photo and send it to me by 5:00PM. All skins will be paid out the following day,

Dale Craig
Cell Phone: 315-414-6601

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