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You are absolutely right Tony. If you look at the break down there is only 7 flights under 50 then 12 groups under 60 followed by 21 groups under 70.

Dont know what the numbers would crunch down to in actual ages but it would be interesting to see what the break up at ages 55 – 65 – 75 would look like

If you also look at the Hcp break down the younger guys have quite a difference between the high and low, while in the older flights many many of the flight only have difference of .7 or less

The interesting flight is #19 where the low hcp is 19.2 while the high is 169.7 WOW hoping I dont get paired with that guy, it would be a long long day. Thinking if they took a max 9 on every hole they still would be 7 under par nett. LOL

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