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dan westenbarger

Nobody wants to play a course that’s in poor condition (or worse)but you all gotta understand a few things.There are only so many courses available to host the tournament and there are over 3200 players I don’t think they can cram every one on to the top 10 courses.And before you start thinking that there are far more available courses then 10 obviously there are but a large number of them don’t want the wa playing on them or there price point is so high that it would push up the entry price so high that none of us would want to play.so if you have to put up with a course that is sub par remember that everyone is playing the same conditions that day and the ones with the best attitude that day will probably play the best.By the way I’ve been playing 24 years now and have played courses from pristine to pretty rough.Go to the 19th hole afterwards eat drink and relax.

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