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Bob Newman

I do not agree “everyone plays the same course” assessment for this event. Some of us sign up to play on what it is advertised to be, A GOLF TOURNAMENT. I don’t come to play as a vacation side trip, or a buddy trip to have fun. I come to play in a tournament and I expect better than average golf courses to play said tournament on. I have complained for the past 5 to 6 years about some of the courses I have played on. I know in March I was not going to be able to play this year due to health issues (turns out to be a Herinated Disc), so I didn’t really have to decide what to do about continuing to play. I think I’m going to miss playing in it but once you miss something, it’s easier to miss it a second time. For me, it has been just the l at 5/6 years, that this course issue has come up. Y’all have fun.

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