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Mike Daughtry

If no one is willing to do skins for flights 30 and 31 I will do it. I have played in the world am for about 20 years. My name is Mike Daughtry and you can contact me at Email: mikedaughtry@ymail.com. I will give everyone my phone number and rules sheet the first day

We will do $100 for week with $20 each day and $40 last day. Two tie all tie with birdies or better. If no skins any day will roll over to next day. If no skins last day, I will draw 5 names out of hat, and they will split money. If there is a rollover you must be in all the days that are rolled over. I prefer everyone pays the first day for the week it just makes it easier to keep everything straight.

Thanks Mike
Email: mikedaughtry@ymail.com

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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